DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Fri, 21 Jun 2019

Pre-Conceptional Care In Sharir Sthana of Ayurveda

Kishorkumar P. Madavi*1

1.Dept of Sharir Rachana, Ayurved and Unani Tibbia College, Karol Bagh New Delhi 05


In society couple dreamed for momentous decision of child and  they dream a procure  disease free and healthy  (mentally, physically) baby endowed with excellence . Pre  conception care extension of antenatal care to provide optimal health to mother and baby . Ayurveda described regime and rituals  before pregnancy to take care of foetus from the state of gametes to promote the multistate well being of child promising the efficacy of body (Dosha, Dhatu, mala) metabolism (agni), perception element (indriyas),psyche (Manas) intelegence (buddhi)  and the inner spirit(Atma). Pre-requisites for healthy pregnancy described in ayurved Ritu (Fertile period), Kshetra( Uterus) ,Ambu (ahara rasa nutrient) , Beeja-( sperm and ovum) , Marga ( genital passage), .Hridi (pure controlled consciousness). Pre- conceptional care comprises of treatment methods like purva karm snehan , swedan, purificatory method Vaman, virechan , and nutritive vasti associated with diet restriction ,abstinence ,religious rituals to ensure Beeja-shudhi  , Kshetra –shudhi, and Mano Shudhi and putresti yajna .Above  the  pre conceptional  care  to bring healthy offspring and  in interest of future generation for benefit of society and nation and to maintain the health in the affluent society and to improve the health in developing countries.

Keywords:  Ritu,kshetra, ambu, beeja, Purv karm, Shodhan karma, Bramhacharya, Vajeekaran , Manoshudhi , Putresti yajna

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