DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Sat, 25 May 2019

Antimicrobial Activity of Crude Extracts Of Some Sciaenidae Fishes (Vertebrata: Actinopterigii; Perciformes) FROM PUDUCHERRY (South East Coast of India)


Malarvizhi. R1, V. Anandhan1, T.Ganesan2, V. Muthuviveganandavel3 ⃰  

1. Dept. of Zoology, Kanchi Mamunivar Centre for Post-Graduate Studies, Puducherry-8, India.

2. Dept. Plant Science, Tagore Arts College, Puducherry-8, India.

3. Dept. of Zoology, Tagore Arts College, Puducherry-8, India.




Fishes have some pronounced pharmacological activities or other properties which are useful in the biomedical area. In the present study crude methanol extracts from 4 species of sciaenidae (Johinus dussumeri, Kathala axillaris, Nibea maculate and Johnius trachy cephalus), Puducherry Coastal Area  were tested against five bacterial pathogens and one fungal pathogens. In bacterial activity the maximum inhibition zone 12mm was observed from Johinus dussumeri methanol extract against (Klebsiella pneumoniae). In antifungal activity maximum inhibition zone 6mm was noted from methanol extract of Nibea maculate against Candida albicans. Out the four species tested only one Nibea maculata has antifungal activity. This shows that fishes extremely strange to the fungal contact and its mediated infection. The antimicrobial property of the sciaenidae fish extracts reveals that they are low enough to bring the effect against pathogens. It may due to the incidence of bacterial presence in their habitat induce the fish to produce the antimicrobial compounds. Meager antimicrobial effect towards fungus may be of due to their rare presence in their habitat. The negative activity of other species could be attributed to the unsuitability of the method of extraction to the antibacterial screening.

Keywords: Sciaenidae - Antibacterial - Antifungal - Puducherry.


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