DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Tue, 21 May 2019

Evaluation of Wound Healing Activity by Mupirocin Loaded Polymer Composite Film


Naheedh MD*1, Amir Malik MD1, Rehman F1, Safoora K1, Sravya B1

1.Global College of Pharmacy, Moinabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh



For the evaluation of the wound healing activity polymer composite films were prepared by using Chitosan and in combination with Sodium CMC with and without glutaraldehyde were prepared by solvent casting method. Mupirocin was incorporated into selected polymeric films. All the polymeric composite films were characterized by IR study suggested that there was no chemical reaction has taken place, only ionic complexes were formed. All the films were evaluated for thickness, folding endurance and tensile strength. The thickness of all the films was uniform,The folding endurance suggested good flexibility of the films as propylene glycol was used as a plasticizer, Films shown good tensile strength  necessary for better handling . The water vapour penetration suggested that films without cross linker absorbs more moisture compared to films containing cross linking agent. The presence of cross linking agent shown optimum bio-adhesion. All the polymer composite films were evaluated for in vitro swelling study. The films showed good swelling in water more than 6 hrs retaining the shape of the films. The addition of cross linking agent decreased the swelling. Selected polymer composite films were evaluated for in vivo wound healing activity. All the polymeric films showed more than 80% reduction in wound contraction. The mupirocin loaded polymeric composite containing Sodium CMC, shown more than 95% of reduction in wound area after 12 day. Hence it can be concluded that polymer composite films of chitosan-alginate containing mupirocin along with Sodium CMC showed good wound healing and could be used in effective management of wound.

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