DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Wed, 27 Mar 2019

Clinical Evaluation of Agnikarma In Management of Gridhrasi

Ashwini Fulzele*1, Nilesh Ingle1, Amol Kadu1, J.P. Singh1

1.National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur


Gridhrasi(Sciatica) is one of the Vatavyadhi caused by aggravated Vatadoshas. This disease is characterised by cardinal symptom i.e. Radiating pain (Ruja), which makes the patient difficult to walk; hampering the daily routine of the individual. No specific remedy is given in modern medical science, patients depends on painkillers which has temporary action. Agnikarma is the procedure indicated by Aacharya in Vatavyadhi. Sushrut mentions Agnikarma as superior most than other therapeutic procedures as it gives instant relief in pain. Thus the objective of present study was to evaluate the efficacy of Agnikarma in case of Gridhrasi & thus improve the daily routine of affected individual. Open study was performed in NIA, Jaipur at OPD & IPD level, patient were registered for study after taking written informed consent. 30 cases present with classical features of Gridhrasi as given in text were selected from OPD & IPD of NIA, Jaipur & management by procedure of Agnikarma was conducted. Data was collected &  observation were made before treatment, on 7thday, on 14thday, & 21stday of treatment  There was a highly significant reduction in the parameters like pain, walking distance, stiffness, SLR test seen in the study gp. Visual Pain Analogue Scale was used for analysis of overall effect of treatment. Management of Gridhrasi by Agnikarma gives instant relief in pain but oral Shaman medicine has to use to break the Samprapti of the disease & to check the recurrence.

Keywords: Agnikarma, Gridhrasi, Sciatica

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