DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Fri, 21 Jun 2019

Irrational Antibiotics use in Iraq al-Sadr Teaching Hospital -Maysan an example

Sejad zaidawi1* , Hassan shawi2

1.Master of Clinical pharmacist:, burn unit, surgery department, al-Sadr teaching hospital, Maysan, Iraq

2.B. sc. Bacteriologist:, bacteriology department, al-Sadr teaching hospital ,Maysan, Iraq.


This study is retrospective study to the culture and sensitivity test that done in the laboratory of  Al-Sadr hosp. in 2012 , during this period about 2664 C&S tests for all types of infection this includes (1033 for  urine), (790 t for blood),  (250 ts for  ear swab )and (591 ts for sputum) There is a completely irrational use of antibiotics in al-Sadr teaching hospital in Maysan –Iraq because there is no  a clear strategy for the treatment of different infections so they use antibiotics as a prophylaxis for all patients specially Ampiclox and Claforan or ceftriaxone  , but in fact there is about 14% only of patient that are suspected to be infected have a bacterial growth according to culture and sensitivity tests .Also there is only 0.4% of microorganisms that cause infection in that hospital sensitive to penicillin due to increase the antimicrobial resistance due to the overuse and misuse of antibiotics specially Ampiclox. Also the antibiotics cost is very high compared to other hospital in the neighboring countries  penicillins and most of cephalosporins are no longer  drug of choice for most of bacterial infections including staphylococcus bacterial infections in Iraq due to excessive use of them most of the medical problems that thought to be caused by bacterial infections, they are not. Only about 14% of them are caused by bacteria there is no critical need for antimicrobial prophylaxis for most of cases

Keywords: irrational antibiotic, antibiotics resistance, culture and sensitivity test, cost of antibiotics.

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