DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Fri, 21 Jun 2019

Novel septicemia biomarker :HDL (High Density Lipoproteins)

Al-Zaidawi, Sejad 1

1:Al-Sadr teaching hospital, burn unit, Maysan, Iraq


Sepsis is a leading cause of mortality in critically ill patients especially in burn unit. Delay in diagnosis and initiation of antibiotics treatment have been shown to increase mortality. This study aimed to find out a novel septicemia biomarker, more practical and easy. 48 patients had been admitted into burn unit during 4 months, 22 patients of them (46%) were complained of septicemia. HDL (high density lipoproteins) had been measured for patients in admitted to burn unit every other day to measure the correlation of HDL concentration and septicemia. HDL was a very good indicator for septicemia due to the wide range of normal value (40-60 mg/dl).Number of patients was 48 patients, 22 of them developed septicemia about 46%. 11 patients of the 22 patients are died (50%). Also it is clear to notice that all patients died were with (HDL = <5); 1 or 2 days before dying, all patients with HDL < 15 were with a positive blood culture, and all patients with septicemia when their HDL value increased 5 scales are cured of the infection, i.e. from < 5 to 10 for example. It is very important to find that patients with HDL value < 15 with abnormal triglyceride value (more than 200) were with high risk of developing septicemia  HDL value in burn unit is the best biomarker for septicemia and it seems to give a map for the severity of infection and accurate time of initiation and stopping of antibiotics treatment.

Key words: HDL, septicemia, burn, Maysan and Iraq.

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