DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Sun, 21 Apr 2019

Study the Assessment of Prescribing Pattern of Steroids in A Rural Tertiary care Teaching Hospital


K.V. Ramanath 1*, Priyank Tripati1 , Sharath V1

1.Sri Adichun chanagiri College of Pharmacy, B G Nagara-571448, Mandya District, Karnataka, India.



Steroids are widely prescribed and used by practitioners due to powerful anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive actions1. So, care should be exercised in the rational selection of steroids2. Hence this study was carried out to asses the prescribing pattern of steroid usage. This was a prospective, observational and an intervention study.The patient data was collected in well design data collection form and subjected to descriptive statistical analysis 165 cases assessments shows, the mean age of inpatient & out patient was 56.58/55.10 years and male patients were more in both the groups. The occupational results showed Farmers and businessman’s were more followed by House wife. 52.9% IP - 54.1% OP were alcoholics, 58.7% IP - 73.8% OP were smokers. Steroids were used more in respiratory diseases like COPD [18.2% IP /85.2% OP] , Acute bronchitis  [24.0% inpatients] and Bronchial Asthma [11.5% IP/ 9.9%OP]. Among steroids, Budesonide [64.4%IP/ 85.2%OP ] was frequently used followed by Prednisolone [(5.7%IP/ 14.8%OP ], and Dexamethasone 6(5.7%) and Hydrocortisone 25 (24.2%) in IP. 50.0% Nebulization forms were  used widely, followed by Injection(29.8%), 85.2%  OP was  used Inhalers, 55.8% IP& 14.8% (OP) prescriptions had steroidal drug interactions.  81.8% inpatients were counseled correct use of steroids. The mean hospital stay of inpatients was 6.11 with SD of 4.86 days. This study showed that the prescribing of steroids was rational &. Patient counseling services were helped them to understand their therapy, disease. Even though the drug interactions observed with the steroids, benefits of therapy were noticed more.

Keywords: Prescription pattern, Drug interactions (DI), Rational drug usage (RDU), IP; Inpatient, OP; Out patients

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