DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Fri, 19 Apr 2019

The Role of Zinc Sulphate ointment 5% in preventing post hemorrhoidectomy stricture



Estabraq M. Jadooa1*,Maher Jabbar Alkhazraji2

1. M.S.c pharmacology, Al kindy college of medicine. Baghdad. Iraq

2. General surgeon Specialist-Alkarkh General Hospital. Baghdad. Iraq



Anal stricture is a rare but serious complication of anorectal surgery, most commonly seen after hemorrhoidectomy (1-2 months postoperatively). Simple cases with anal stricture can be managed conservatively with stool softeners or fiber supplements, otherwise surgery is indicated, meanwhile anal stricture may be prevented with the use of certain antioxidants (zinc sulphate) locally.Thirty five patients aged 20– 45years; 11 female 24 male, with hemorrhoidectomy surgery randomly allocated as a control , group A; (15 cases) with frequent manual dilatation, 2 weeks postoperatively for 3 weeks , matching with group  B (20 cases) had frequent  manual dilatation along with application of zinc sulphate ointment  5% four times daily , 2 weeks postoperatively for 3 weeks. Compared with control group, group B showed no incidence of stricture following hemorroidectomy cases while in other cases within group A, there were 2 cases had stricture treated by dilatation and sphincterotomy (surgery) later. Zinc sulphate ointment 5% seemed to be effective in preventing anal stricture along with frequent manual dilatation two weeks postoperatively for at least two weeks.

Keywords: Zinc sulphate ointment, Anal stricture, Hemorrhoidectomy, Digital dilatation, Proctoscopy.

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