DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Mon, 25 Mar 2019

In-Vitro Release Kinetics Study of Loxoprofen Sodium From Natural Polymers Based Sustained Release Matrix System

Muhammad Zaman1*, ShahidRasool1, Muhammad Yasir Ali1, Muhammad Shafeeq ur Rahman2, Rai Muhammad Sarfraz3, Abdullah Akram4.

1. College of Pharmacy, G. C. University Faisalabad

2.Muhammad Shafeeq ur Rahman (M. Phil), Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lahore

3.University of Sargodha

4. Islamia University Bahawalpur


The aim and objective of the study was to formulate the matrix system of Loxoprofen sodium that has a very short plasma half-life of 1.15 hours. Natural hydrophilic polymers (Xanthan gum and Pectin) were used to formulate matrix system. These polymers were used to sustain the drug in the matrix system that allowed the slow release of the drug. Different concentration of Xanthan gum and Pectin were used, individually as well as polymeric blends. Wet granulation method was selected for the compression of granules into tablets of 350mg each. Both pre-compressional and post-compressional parameters showed good results. Dissolution studies carried out in distilled water and 0.1 N HCl for 12 hours.  Matrix system of Xanthan gum showed comparatively good sustained effects in both media with suitable drug released concentration. Kinetics of drug release was studies by different kinetics models and it was observed that Higuchi was the best fit model for F6 that released minimum drug from the matrix. Values of similarity index showed that F5 resembled with the reference formulation (F6). All the tablets showed good swellability upon hydration that was greatly related to polymers concentration.

Keywords: Loxoprofen sodium, Xanthan gum, Pectin, Matrix system.

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