DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Mon, 25 Mar 2019

A Study on Combined Effect of Polymers in Physical Characterization of Placebo Buccal film

Kumaraswamy Santhi, 1* Sokalingam Arumugam Dhanaraj, 1 Sreekanth Murali 2, Selvadurai Muralidharanand Kunchu Kavitha1

1. Faculty of Pharmacy, Aimst University, Semeling 08100, Kedah state, Malaysia.

2. Grace College of Pharmacy, Koduthurapully, Palakkad, Kerala, India


A novel buccal film can be applied to the oral mucosal surface which can be retained there for few hours, even where it is challenged with fluids. Polymers play an important role in designing such buccal films so as to increase the residence time of the active agent at the desired location. Hence the objective of our study was to optimize a suitable formula which comprises a best combination of polymers in suitable ratio to produce buccal film with desirable physical and mechanical properties. The study was carried out in chitosan film with three other different combination of polymers such as PVPK 30 (polyvinyl pyrolodine 30) PVPK 90 (polyvinyl pyrolodine 90) and HPMC (Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose) at various concentrations. The effect of each concentration of the particular polymer in combination with the other polymers in making buccal film by solvent casting method was evaluated through twelve different batches of buccal film like F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,andF12.The physical and mechanical properties of formulated films were studied in terms of its appearance, texture, average weight, thickness, folding endurance, swelling index, surface pH, tensile strength, percentage elongation and bioadhesive strength. Overall results of our investigation reveals that the combination of PVPK30 at a concentration of 0.6%w/v with 1% concentration of chitosan is found to be effective in producing film with better bioadhesiveness and further addition of 0.2% of HPMC with 0.4% PVPK90 to this combination could enhances its elastic properties without having any added effect on its bioadhesive strength. 

Keywords: Buccal film, effect of polymers, evaluation of mechanical and physical property. 

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