DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Fri, 22 Mar 2019

An Exploratory Study on Asokarishtam an Ayurvedic Formulation with Leaves of Saraca Asoka

Sruthi CV1*, Vendamirtham S1, Asha K Maniyan1, Neeraj PT1, Sunitha V1, Sindhu A1

1.Research and Development division, The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) Limited, Kanjikode,Palakkad,Kerala-678621


Asokarishtam, prepared using the bark of Asoka (Saraca asoka (Roxb.) de.wilde) is widely used in the management of uterine diseases. The scarcity of genuine Asoka bark is a problem facing by the ayurvedic industries and alternative to it without affecting the efficacy has become an urgent requirement. The present study explores whether leaf of Saraca asoka (Roxb.) de.wilde is an appropriate alternate for the bark of Saraca asoka (Roxb.) de.wilde. The physicochemical and phytochemical analysis were performed using standard procedures. The total phenolic content was determined using Folin-ciocalteu’s method, tannin content by Folin-Denis Method, flavonoids by Aluminium chloride colorimetric method and radical scavenging activity by 2’2-diphenyl-1-picryl hydrazine method. Thin layer chromatographic profiling was also performed on precoated silica gel aluminium plate. The physicochemical and phytochemical analysis of Asokarishtam with leaf  and Asokarishtam with bark  do not show any significant variation. The total phenolic content (6.47 %, 7.33 %), tannin content (6.02 %, 5.79 %), flavonoid content (0.775 %, 0.786 %) and radical scavenging activity (20 µg/ml, 18 µg/ml)    of both Asokarishtam with leaf and bark are comparable. Thin layer chromatographic profiling shows similar Rf in Asokarishtam with leaf and bark. From this study it is concluded that there is a probability of substituting leaf of Saraca asoka (Roxb.) de.wilde for its bark. Activity evaluations including In-Vivo and Toxicological studies are proposed before confirming the usage of leaves for the bark in the preparation of Asokarishtam.

Keywords: Saraca asoka (Roxb.) de.wilde, Asokarishtam, bark, leaf

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