DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Fri, 22 Mar 2019

Effect of Increasing Concentrations of Xanthan Gum, HPMC K15 and Sodium Alginate on the Release Kinetics of Acyclovir Sustained Release Tablet

Ritesh Bajaj1*,Bhupendra Singh Chauhan1, MM Gupta2

1.Jaipur College of Pharmacy, affiliated to Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur, India.

2.Faculty of Medical Sciences, The University of West Indies, St. Augustine , Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies


The present research paper focuses on designing not only the sustained release tablets of acyclovir to ensure time-dependent, sustained release formulation but also studying the effect of sodium alginate, Xanthan gum and HPMCV K15 on the in vitro release profile of the tablet. The initial release of drug from these matrices occurs by the drug dissolution in the water penetrated into the matrix. The overall drug release from these matrices is governed by hydration, gel layer formation and drug diffusion into the gel layer and to the dissolution media. The formulations ACL1 to ACL5 are containing 200mg of drug with a combination of different excepients. The drug release showed in ACL1 was 95.78%, for only 10hrs and ACL2 showed 90.66% within 11hrs because there was less presence of Xanthan Gum. The Acyclovir tablets of ACL3 showed 91.35% in 12hrs, ACL4 and ACL5 showed drug release of 95.33% for 8hrs and 95.85% for 9hrs. In further formulations the dose of Acyclovir was increased to 400mg ACL6 to ACL10 that are containing combination of excipients. The drug release for the formulations ACL6 showed a drug release of 97.44% for 10hrs and ACL7 showed a drug release 92.4% for 11hrs. From these twelve formulations it was concluded that increase in concentration of Xanthan Gum and Sodium alginate overrun the effect of HPMC K15. The dissolution characteristics allowed for drug to be released in a controlled manner, highlighting the importance for the correct selection of polymers according to their physical, mechanical and pharmacokinetic properties.

Keywords: sodium alginate, Xanthan gum, HPMCV K15, dissolution characteristics, sustained release

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