DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Mon, 27 May 2019

Development and Validation of HPTLC and RP-HPLC Methods for the Estimation of Berberine in Coscinium Fenestratum Extract and its Formulation

Jayaprakasam. R1* T.K. Ravi1

1.Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, College of Pharmacy, Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Paramedical Sciences, 395,Sarojini Naidu Road, Coimbatore -641 044, India


Two simple, sensitive and precise HPTLC and RP-HPLC methods were developed for the estimation of berberine from Coscinium fenestratum, and its formulation. For the determination of berberine by HPTLC method, precoated silicagel 60F254 on aluminium sheets and a mobile phase system comprising of n-butanol: glacial acetic acid : water (8:1:1 % v/v/v ) was selected. After development the plate was scanned and quantified at 350 nm. Linearity was found in the concentration range of 10 to 50 ng/spot (r=0.9992). Limit of detection was found to be 5 ng/spot and limit of quantification was found to be 10 ng/spot. In RP-HPLC method, separation was achieved on a Phenomenex, Luna, C18 column (150 x 4.6mm internal diameter, 5µ particle size) using a mobile phase consisting of potassium dihydrogen phosphate (pH - 2.5) (A)  : acetonitrile (B), where B was run in gradient programme (20% for 0.01-20min, 50% for 20-25min, 50% for 25-26min, 20% for 26-30min), at a flow rate of 1ml/min and the elute was monitored at 220nm. The calibration curve was obtained in the range of 100 - 500 µg/mL. The slope, intercept and correlation coefficient values were found to be 57588, 6041and 0.9959, respectively. The method was validated in compliance with ICH guidelines. Low relative standard deviation and good % recovery values of both the methods showed that the developed methods were highly precise, accurate and can be employed for the routine analysis of formulations containing berberine.

Keywords: Coscinium fenestratum, Berberine, HPTLC, RP-HPLC, Frok capsules, Validation.

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