DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Mon, 27 May 2019

Antifungal and Phytochemical Screening of Wild Medicinal Plant against fungal Clinical Isolates from Dermatitis

Sarika Gupta 1,  Purva Agrawal 3, Rahul Rajawat3, Saksham Gupta 2

1 Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology, Jaipur.

2 Assistant Director, Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology, Jaipur

3,4  Scholar, Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology, Jaipur


Dermatophytosis is currently treated with the commercially available topical and oral antifungal agents in spite of the existing side effects. Treatment of these cutaneous infections with secondary metabolites produced by wild plant is considered as an alternative approach. Exploring the unexplored aspect of the wild plants for developing antidermatophytic drugs is a novel attempt which needs further investigation. Study aims to screen eleven wild medicinal plants possessing antifungal activity against the clinical fungal isolates from dermatophytic patients. The methanolic plant extract were analyzed by well diffusion assay and phytochemical characterization of the active ingredient were determined possessing mycocidal activity. Aspergillus sp. was effectively controlled by the extracts of C.roseus , R.communis, T. cordifolia, J. curcas, C. longa; Curvularia sp. by T. cordifolia, R. communis , T. erectus , C. longa; Cladosporium sp. C. roseus  , R. communis , L. inermis , T. erectus, A. nilotica; Microsporium sp. by C. roseus, R. communis, J. curcas, L. inermis, A. nilotica  and Penicillium sp. by A. nilotica, R. communis, C. longa, T. occidentalis and T. erectus . Maximum Alkaloid was recovered from T. peruviana, Saponin in R. communis and C. roseus, Flavanoid from R. communis, Tannin in T. erectus and C.  roseus and phenols from L. inermis. Methanolic plants extracts of Catherenthus reseus, Riccinus communis, Tagetus erectus, Acacia nilotica, Lawsonia inermis and Thuja occidentalis were found to be significantly controlling the test fungi.  Data revealed that plants possessing higher phenol, tannin and saponin show antifungal activity.

Keywords: Antifungal and Phytochemical screening; Clinical fungal isolates; fungal dermatophytosis; Wild Medicinal plant

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