DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Fri, 22 Mar 2019

To Study Application of Different Isotherm Models on Bismuth (III) Ions Adsorption onto Impregnated Granular Activated Charcoal

A.K. Londe1, A.K. Wanjari1, U.E. Chaudhari1*, A.S. Dhote1

1. Department of Chemistry, Mahatma Fule Art`s, Commerce and Sitaramji Chaudhari Science College Warud -444906, Maharashtra, India.


Adsorption has been proved to be an excellent way to treat industrial waste effluents, offering significant advantages like the low-cost, availability, profitability, easy of operation and efficiency. In this paper four parameter isotherm model namely Langmuir, three parameters namely Freundlich and Temkin were applied to describe the isotherm and to calculate their constant. The best estimation of the parameters of these models by non-linear regression analysis was obtained. A comparison between four and three parameters isotherm was reported. The characteristic parameter of each isotherm and related coefficient of determination (R2) have been determined. All the coefficient of determination (R2) of the non-linear method are close to unity. The effect of various parameters influencing the Bi(III) adsorptions such as effect of pH, Contact time, temperature, adsorbent dose have been studied. Maximum adsorption found to be 81.13 at pH 1. The results indicate that surface modification with N-Lauroylsarcosine sodium salt (NLSSS) could be used to significantly enhance the capacity of granulated activated charcoal to adsorb Bi(III) metal ion.

Keywords: Granular Activated Carbon, N-Lauroylsarcosine sodium salt, Adsorption, Impregnation, Isotherm, Bismuth.

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