DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Tue, 16 Oct 2018

Biomedical Application of Graphenes

Shidhaye S1, Singh.R2*, Surve C1, Parab B1

1. Department of pharmaceutics. Vivekanand education society’s college of pharmacy,

2. Department of Quality Assurane, Vivekanand education society’s college of pharmacy.


Graphene is one of the crystalline forms of carbon, along with diamond, graphite, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes where in carbon atoms are arranged in a regular hexagonal pattern. Graphene can be described as a one-atom thick layer of the layered mineral graphite. High-quality graphene is very strong, light, nearly transparent, and excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Its interaction with other materials and with light, and its inherently two-dimensional nature, produce unique properties Owing to its interesting electrical, optical, mechanical and chemical properties, graphene has found potential applications in a wide range of areas, including biomedicine. Graphene has a number of properties which make it potentially promising for bioapplications. Its large surface area, chemical purity and the possibility of easy functionalization provide opportunities for drug delivery. Its unique mechanical properties suggest its application in tissue- engineering and regenerative medicine. Its combination of ultimate thinness, conductivity and strength make it an ideal support for imaging biomolecules in transmission electron microscopy. Also, chemically functionalized graphene might lead to fast and ultrasensitive measurement devices, capable of detecting a range of biological molecules including glucose, cholesterol, hemoglobin and DNA. This review summarize the latest progress of using graphene for various biomedical applications, including drug delivery, cancer therapies and biosensing, and discuss the opportunities and challenges in this emerging field.

Keywords:  Graphenes , Biomedical Application, drug delivery, Biosensing

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