DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Sun, 21 Jul 2019

A Review On Trasdermal Drug Delivery System

PriyankaChauhan*1 , Asish Dev1,  Swapnil Lembhe1Seema Desai1

1: Oriental College of Pharmacy, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, 400705.


Release of drugs via the skin has been always a challenging part for research due to obstacle properties shown by the outermost layer of skin stratum corneum. In the previous two decades, the transdermal drug delivery system has turn into a established technology that offers important clinical repayment over additional dosage forms. Because transdermal drug delivery offers controlled as well as programmed rate of release of the drug into the patient, it is capable to maintain steady state blood concentration. It’s a advantageous form of drug delivery because of the apparent advantages e.g. suitable and pain-free self-administration for patients, prevention of hepatic first-pass metabolism and the GI tract for poorly bioavailable drugs than other routes of deliverance.Thepresent article reviews the choice of drug candidates and polymers, advantages, disadvantages of formulation, design and the methods of evaluation, augmentation techniques based on drug/vehicle optimization such as selection of drug, prodrugs and ion pairs, supersaturated drug solutions, vesicles, liposomes, particles and complexations. This review also emphases on the recent innovations in TDDS, which be able to used for the research and improvement of pharmaceutical dosage form intended for transdermal drug delivery.

Keywords: Transdermal drug delivery system, first pass metabolism, site specific, Iontophoresis.

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