DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Wed, 27 Mar 2019

Ancient and Modern aspect of Bhasma Parikshas of Maharas, Upras, Sadharan ras accoding to Rasagranthas

Pratibha PakaSh Kharat1*, Vinaya R. Dixit2

1.RasaShastra and bhai. Kalpna, GAC, Nanded

2.RasaShastra and bhai. Kalpna, T. A. M.V. Pune


There are many bhasma parikshas which can be easily performed on clinical bases, but due to lack of collective information its seems to be hard. Its not easily possible for ayurvedic practioners to review bhasma parikshas from maximum rasagranthas at a time. Also there is confusion about bhasmas colour variations which are mentioned differently in different rasagranthas. By considering all this thing its need of today, a study which include maximum bhasma parikshas from maximum rasagranthas should be collected and represented in easy to understand form.  Aim and objectives : 1) To verify the quality and safety of bhasmas by using bhasma parikshas mentioned in ancient rasashastriy texts as well as modern available techniques. 2)  To create awareness for the use of medicine of good quality in treatment. 3) To overcome the adverse issues related to the use of bhasmas and there worldwide acceptance. Methodology: 1) Review of bhasma parikshas from ancient texts of rasashastra. E.g. Varitaratva, apunarbhavatva etc. 2) Database was prepared for rasadravyas from M-s Excel Sheet     3) Presented as a chart- for specific Bhasma and bhasma parikshas which are mentioned in rasagranthas. Inferences : By such study the classical norms mentioned in the rasashastra texts can be put into the practice. It can impart better quality and safety in practices.

Keywords: Ancient, modern, bhasma parikshas, ras.

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