DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Fri, 24 May 2019

Abhyantara Sakhagat Avedhya Sira of Sharir Sthana In Ayurveda

Madavi Kishorkumar Patru1* , Dinbandhu Shelke1,  Shukla DV1, Nehare RS2

1.Dept of Sharir Rachana, R.A.Podar Medical College (Ayu),Worli , Mumbai 400018

2.Dept of Sharir Rachana, Govt  Ayurveda college Nagpur, Nagpur 400018


Shakhas are important part of the body as they form a part of karmendriyas and the main angas among the sakhas. In ayurved the structure sira is of vital importance, we can see elaborate description about the siras in various classical texts .There are difference in the opinion regarding siras  in different classics. Rakta mokshana is a treatment modality which covers half of shalya treatment of basti in kaya chikitsa Being physicians it is important to know about the siras which are not to be punctured which conducting various surgical procedure to complications. So the study of Avedhya Sira is of importance .There are 700 siras.Among these  98 siras are avedhya. In sakhas  there  4 siras are avedhya 1  Jaldhara  1 urvi 2 Lohitaksha.  Urvi and lohitaksha abhyantara siras while jaladhara is a bahya sira  as the study is undertaken on upper limb the siras can be renamed as Jaldhara 1 Bahvi 1 Lohitaksha. The Classification of blood vessels are based on different criteria in Ayurveda and contemporary science so it is difficult for the exact correlation of sira for, dhamanis or other vessels with vacant space inside to any particular structure such as vein or artery .This study  ais aimed to identify the Sirās mentioned in avedhya sira sakha of  with comparison to the blood vessels of the extremity .

Keywords: Avedhya sira ,Marma ,Rakt mokshan,Bahvi,Lohitaksha,Urvi

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