DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Thu, 23 May 2019

A Review on Cubosomes

Upadhye SS*, Kothali BK, Apte AK, Kulkarni AA., Khot VS

1. Dr. J J. Magdum Pharmacy College, Jaysingpur


The discovery of the cubosomes is the unique story & spans the fields of the food science, biological membranes, differential geometry & digestive processes. The cubosomes are the square & rounded particles with the internal cubic lattices visible. The cubosomes are self-assembled nanostructured particles formed by the aqueous lipid & surfactant systems. The cubosomes are the thermodynamically stable, they have the structure like “honeycombed” with the bicontinuous domains of the water & lipid in which the surfactant assembles into the bilayers & twisted into the 3 dimension, periodic & the minimal surface forming the structure which are tightly packed. They exhibit the different internal cubic structure & composition with different drug-loading modalities. In drug nano formulations the cubosome have great potential for the melanoma therapy owing to their potential advantages which includes high drug payloads due to the high internal surface area & cubic crystalline structures relatively biodegradability of lipids, the simple preparation method, targeting & controlled release of the bioactive agents, the ability of encapsulating the hydrophilic, hydrophobic & amphiphilic substances, The cubosome dispersions are biocompatible & bioadhesive. Due to their properties the cubosome are versatile systems administrable by different routes such as parenterally, orally& percutaneously. Hydrating the surfactant or the polar lipid that forms the cubic phase & then dispersing the solid like phase into the smaller particles usually forms the cubosomes. To encapsulate guest molecules such novel particles are utilized which are either amphiphilic, lipophilic or hydrophilic due to its structure compartmentalization.

Keywords: Cubosomes, nanostructured, Surfactants, Melanoma therapy

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