DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Thu, 23 May 2019

Chemical composition of three medicinal plants use as traditional medicine in Manipur

Kh. Ujala Devi *1, Th. Inaocha Devi 1, T. Chand 2

1. Institutional Biotech Hub, Department of Botany, Presidency College, Motbung, Manipur, India.

2. Institutional Biotech Hub, Department of Botany, Waikhom Mani Girl’s College, Thoubal, Manipur, India.


Leaves of Xylosma longifolium, Hyptis suaveolens and Oreocnide integrifolia collected from the Imphal East District, Manipur were analysed for phytochemical constituents. Leave extracts were prepared with methanol by Soxhlet apparatus. Alkaloid, phenol, flavonoid, tannin, terpenoid, steroid, saponin and glycosides were detected in the three samples. Glycosides was absent in Xylosma longifolium and terpinoid in Oreocnide integrifolia. Steroid and saponin were also not found in Hyptis suaveolens. Total phenol, flavonoid and tannin contents were determined by Folin-Ciocalteu, Aluminium chloride and Folin-Denis method respectively. The total phenol contents in terms of gallic acid equivalent were 57.38±2.563 mg/g, 65.00±0.475 mg/g and 50.87±0.035  mg/g of dry wt;  total flavonoid contents in terms of quercetin equivalent were 36.70±0.676  mg/g,  49.24±0.521 mg/g and  32.78±1.753mg/g of dry wt.  and total tannin contents in terms of tannic acid equivalent  were  31.08±1.300 mg/g, 41.14±0.850 mg/g and 30.95±0.759 mg/g of dry wt. in the methanolicS leave extract of X.longifolium,  O.integrifolia and H.suaveolens  respectively .The order of total phenol , flavonoid and tennin contents of the samples were Oriocnide integrefolia> Xylosma longifolium >Hyptis suaveolens. It shows that Oriocnide integrefolia has the highest medicinal value than the two studied plants.  The present study evidence that these plants are of therapeutic potential as a good number of bioactive chemical compounds have been confirmed.

Keywords: Methanol, Phenol, Flavonoid, Tannin, Phytochemicals, Soxhlet apparatus

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