DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Tue, 21 May 2019

Evaluation of ''Examination anxiety ''among grade six secondary school students in Baghdad governorate 2013-2014

Ahmed Methab Athab1*, Buthaina Ateyah Rashid2, Ali moosa jaafer1, Aws Azmi Shakir3

1.Diyala Medical College-Iraq Ali Moosa Jaafer -Diyala Medical College-Iraq

2.College on Health and Medical Technology/Iraq

3. Trained technician- College on Health and Medical Technology/Iraq


Exam anxiety is a fairly common condition among students of all ages, and while it can often be diagnosed by experts, the sufferer is usually already acutely aware of the condition. A useful way how to overcome nervousness and anxiety is to take note of triggers that create tension. Diagnosing exam stress involves charting the physical, mental, and emotional reactions experienced when anticipating a test, when taking the test, and after the test has been completed. This also includes thoughts on performance. Generally, if a person feels more stressed, strained, or anxious when taking a test than at any other normal time in their life, then they are probably suffering from test anxiety. The study Aims To assess examination related anxiety among grade six secondary school  students and to determine the factors contributing to exam anxiety among them , to improve in the next examination if something goes to wrong. A cross sectional study conducted through the use of self completed questionnaire modified from evaluation of exam anxiety questionnaire. The study was carried out from the 10 th Oct. 2013 to the end of May 2014. The present study was carried out from grade six secondary school students in Baghdad city including : Salah El-Deen preparatory school for boys,  Al  Resala preparatory school for boys, Al Shaab secondary school for girls  and Al Benoug private school for girls .Study sample included (400) cases of grade six secondary school students. Data were collected through the utilization of self developed questionnaire consisting of three domains, an interview with school students to explain the problem, Anxiety results were measured by the use of quintuple scale as shown in the last part of the questionnaire (Psychological domain). Data were analyzed through the application of descriptive statics as well as Inferential Statistics (Chi-Square) that included the procedure.  Results of the study: Headache was the main symptom affecting students having exam anxiety in 223 (55.75%) of cases following by body and hand shaking in 207 (51.75%) of them, The higher percentages found in 155 (38.8%) of cases age (18) years. Higher percentages of exam anxiety were noticed in literary studying branch who have extreme exam anxiety in 79 (19.8%) of cases. Higher percentages of exam anxiety were noticed in female students having extreme exam anxiety in 114 (28.5) of cases. Higher percentages age of exam anxiety were noticed in moderate socio economic status in students having extreme exam anxiety in 86 (21.5%) of cases. Highly significant association between age and anxiety; gender and anxiety were noticed.

Key words: Anxiety, Examination, phobia, psychological, students

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