DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Thu, 20 Jun 2019

June 2017 Issue 3

1 - Overview On: Bilayer Tablet Novel Technology For Oral Drug Delivery System

Pradhan Sonali S.*, Salunkhe Kishor S., Chavan Machindra J.

1.Department of Pharmaceutics,Amrutvahini College of pharmacy, Sangamner- 422605, Maharashtra, India.

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2 - A Review on Solubility Enhancement: The Particle Engineering and Technique of Poorly water Soluble Drugs

Kiran Niuratti  Khodke 1*, Kishor Sahebrao Salunkhe 1, Machindra Jayram Chavan1, Amit Vinayak Asati 2

1.Amrutvahini College of pharmacy, Sangamner- 422605, Maharashtra, India.

2.Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory, Hyderabad- 500034, Telangana, India.

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3 - Phytochemical and Pharmacological Analysis of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba(L): A Review

Balvinder Kaur*1 Jyoti Saxena2

1.Sarojini Naidu Govt.Girls P.G(Autonomous) College , Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal 462001, Madhya Pradesh, India

2.Institute for Excellence in Higher Education (IEHE), Bhopal

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4 - A Review on: Colon Targeted Delivery by Time- Dependent Polymeric Nanoparticles for Colon Cancer.

Anjali Ashok Kotkar 1*, Kishor Sahebrao Salunkhe2, Machindra Jairam Chavan 2

1.Amrutvahini College of pharmacy, Sangamner- 422605, Maharashtra, India.

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5 - Ozone Technology and Photo Catalysis - The Newer Effective Methods for Keeping the Fruits and Vegetables Fresh for A Longer Period

P.P. Rout1, Sanhita Padhi1*

1.Department of Botany, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Odisha

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6 - Approaches To Transungal Delivery : A Review

Moon Aditya1*, Patil Rohit1, Sapkale Chaitanya 1, Sapkale Prabodh1, Fegade Tushar1, Deshmukh Tushar1

1.SES, Arunamai College of Pharmacy, Jalgaon

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7 - Overview On: Oral Multiparticulate Enteric Coated Delayed Release System for Proton Pumps Inhibitors

Thombare Naresh Vithoba1*, Salunkhe Sahebrao Kishor1, Chavan Jairam Machindra1

1.Department of Pharmaceutics, Amrutvahini College of pharmacy, Sangamner- 422605, Maharashtra, India.

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8 - Cardiovascular Diseases: Treating Devices And Methods: A Review

Beena T.L1*, K. Krishnakumar2, L. Panayappan1

1.Department of Pharmacy Practice, St. James College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chalakudy, Kerala, India

2.St. James Hospital Trust Pharmaceutical Research Centre (DSIR Recognized), Chalakudy, Kerala, India

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9 - A Review on Osmotic Drug Delivery System and Current Status

Prerana Madan Kangane1*, Santosh Dattu Navale1, Kiran Balasaheb Aher 1

1.Department of Pharmaceutics, Amrutvahini College of pharmacy,Sangamner- 422605, Maharashtra, India

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10 - An Approach of Ruta Graveolens for Cognitive Dysfunction

Sivakumar.B1*, T. TamizhMani1

1.Department of Pharmacognosy, Bharathi College of Pharmacy, K. M. Doddi, Mandya, Karnataka, India

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11 - A Review on Industrial Applicable Stability Indicating Assay

Ramanlal N. Kachave1*, Priya Vinod Singh 1

1.Department of Pharmaceutics, Amrutvahini College of pharmacy, Sangamner- 422605, Maharashtra, India

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12 - Chronomodulated drug delivery system-A Review

Kale Aparna Shantaram1*, Gunjal.S.D.2

1. Department of Pharmaceutics, Amrutvahini College of pharmacy, Sangamner- 422605, Maharashtra, India.

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13 - A Review On “Green Chromatography” – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle-an Art to Begin

Modi Vishal S.1*, Panchal Aarti V.1

1.SSR College of Pharmacy, Sayli, Silvassa, U.T of Dadra Nagar Haveli-396230

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14 - Spectrophotometric Determination of Megagliptin and its Assay by Charge - Transfer Method using 2,3-Dichloro- 5,6 -Dicyano-1,4- Benzoquinone (DDQ)

I.Lakshmi Prasanna*1, Nuzhath Fathima 2, G.T.Naidu 1, I.E.Chakravathy 2, P. Raveendra Reddy 3

1.  Department’s of Physics1 and Chemistry

2.Rayalaseema University, Kurnool

3.Department of Chemistry, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ananthapur.

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15 - Isolation, Recovery and Analysis of Active Drug From Formulation

Kumar Pratyush1* , Alpana Asnani 1,Priya Dule1, Prakash Helonde2

1. Priyadarshini J.L. College of Pharmacy, Electronic Building, Electronic zone, Hingna Road, Nagpur – 440016, Maharashtra.

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16 - Conservative Effect of Novel Antioxidant L-Ergothioneine on the Sperm Functional and Mitochondrial Integrity In Normozoospermic Samples Post Thaw

Yamini Asokan 1*, N Sanjeeva Reddy1

1. Department of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery; Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Sri Ramachandra University ,Porur, Chennai 600016.

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17 - Effect of Chitosan on Mucoadhesive Liposomal Delivery System For Repaglinide

Shravya Lakshmi S*1, Parthiban S1, Senthil kumar G P2, Tamizh Mani T3

1.Department of Pharmaceutics, Bharathi College of Pharmacy, Bharathinagar, Maddur Taluk, Mandya District, Karnataka, India.

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18 - Synthesis of New Pyrazoline Derivative & Its Antimicrobial Activity

Pooja Jagtap1*, Bhushan Pawar1, Adhikrao Yadav1, Nilam Pawar1

1.Gourishankar Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Limb, Satara, Survey No.990,NH-4,A/P.-Limb,Tal.&Dist.-Satara- 415 015 

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19 - Analytical Method Development and Forced Degradation Studies on Proteasome Inhibitor: Bortezomib As A Part of Preformulation Study to Develop Stable Lyophilized Dosage Form

Yaswanth Allamneni*1, T.E.G.K Murthy2, Mandava Venkata Basaveswara Rao3, Y Udaya Bhaskara Rao4

1.Department of Pharmacy, Krishna University, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

2.Bapatla College of Pharmacy, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh, India.

3. Department of Chemistry, Krishna University, Andhra Pradesh, India.

4. SP Accure Labs Private Limited, Thurakapally, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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20 - Sustained Release of Riboflavin via Microencapsulation using Polylactic acid/Chitosan Blend

Sh. A. El.Adawy1, A. M. Abd El.Hay2, M.A. Abd El-Ghaffar3*

1.Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy,(for girls) Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt,

2.Solid Dosage Forms Department, EIPICO, 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt.

3.Polymers and Pigments Department, National Research Center, Dokki, Giza, Egypt

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21 - Preparation and Evaluation of Gel Based Polyherbal Handwash

Mane Pranali  S1* , Patil Anup A1

1.Gourishankar Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Limb, Satara Survey No. 990, NH-4, A/P: - Limb, Tal. &Dist.Satara-415501 ph. 02162-268759

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22 - Organic Farming In Support of Vrikshayurveda- An Experimental Support

Rama Shankar1*, UshaKiran1,  R.K. Mudaiya1, K.S. Dhiman2

1. Regional Ayurveda Research Institute (CCRAS) Jhansi, India -284003.

2. Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences, New Delhi-110058.

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23 - Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Some Novel 1, 3,4-Thiadiazole derivatives.

Younus Mohammad1*, Kishore Singh C2, Usmani Saqib2, Duvey Brijesh1, Kumar Sagar1, Singh Ranvijay1

1.Brahmanand Group of Institutions, Bulandshahr ,U.P., India

2.RMES College of Pharmacy, Gulbarga, Karnataka, India

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24 - Preparation and In-Vitro Evaluation of Minoxidil Niosomal Gel by Thin Film Hydration Method Using Different Surfactants.

D.Nagendrakumar1, Asma Begum1*, S B Shirsand2, Neetu Sharma1

1.Department of Pharmaceutics, S.V.E. Trust’s College of Pharmacy, Humnabad - 585330

2.Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, H.K.E. society’s College of Pharmacy, Gulbarga- 585105

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25 - Mineral Content of Psathyrella tuberculata (PAT.) Smith Commonly Consumed and Commercialized in the Local Markets of Abidjan (Côte d’ivoire)

Claude Bernard AKE1*, N’Dri Marie-Thérèse KOUAME2, Edson Lézin BOMISSO3

1.Laboratoire de Botanique, Unité de Formation et Recherche (UFR) Biosciences, Université

Félix Houphouët Boigny, 22 BP 582 Abidjan 22, Abidjan- Cocody, Côte d’Ivoire

2.Centre de Recherches en Ecologie, 08 BP 109 Abidjan 08, Côte d’Ivoire

3.UFR Biosciences, Laboratoire de Physiologie Végétale, Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny, 22 BP 582 Abidjan 22, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

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26 - Poisoning Due to Herbal Medications

Sanjeev Chetri

Scientific Research Officer (Toxicology), Taylor Consulting Services, Dr. B. Barooah Road Ulubari, Guwahat 781001, Assam 

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27 - Synthesis, Characterization of Some Novel Pyrazoline incorporated Imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activities

Bollam Nanda Kishore, Rishika Unyala, Ameena Begum, Chirra Hepsibha, B.Madhava Reddy, V.Harinadha Babu*

1.Department of Medicinal Chemistry, G.Pulla Reddy college of pharmacy, Osmania university, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad-500028

[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]   Viewed: 640   Downloaded: 77

28 - Comparative Studies On Phytochemical Screening and Metal Analysis of Hydroalcoholic Extracts of Beta Vulgaris, Carica Papaya, and Vitisvinifera

Chandaka Madhu1, Dr.K.Murali Krishna1, K.Ramanji Reddy*2,Dr.Mohammed Omar3 Sunkara Bhawani1, Sravya Kalakonda1

1.MLR Institute of pharmacy, Dundigal, Ranga Reddy Dist, Hyderabad, TS 500043.

2.Startech Labs Pvt.Ltd,Madinaguda,Hyderabad,TS-5000050

3.Arya College of Pharmacy,Kandi,Sangareddy,Hyderabad,TS-502285

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29 - Phytochemical Screening and Anti-Helminthic Activity of Canthium Parviflorum Roots

Ch.V.Hemanth1*, B.Anusha1, R.Sai Priyanka1,G.Surendra1

1.Department of pharmacy practice, Hindu college of pharmacy,Guntur,A.P, India

[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]   Viewed: 640   Downloaded: 65

30 - Isolation and Characterization Of Some Compound From Ginger

Sejal Patel1*, Rakesh K. Jat

1.Department of Pharmacognosy, Nootan Pharmacy College, Visnagar, Gujarat, India

2.Institue Of Pharmacy  Shri Jagadish Prasad Jabermal Tibrewala University Jhunjhun

[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]   Viewed: 789   Downloaded: 93

31 - Formulation and In-vitro Evaluation Of Glipizide Nanosponges

Swarupa Arvapally*, M. Harini, G.Harshitha, A.Arun kumar

1.Joginpally B.R Pharmacy college, Moinabad,Hydeabad.

[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]   Viewed: 904   Downloaded: 156

32 - A Prospective Study on Comparison of Severity of Depression Among Patients with Type II Diabetes, taking Oral Hypoglycemic Agents Versus Insulin in a Tertiary care Hospital , South India.

Aswathy Vijayan1 , Roshin Elizabeth Mathew1, Mamen Alex1, Veena Vijayan G1*, Archana Babu2

1.Sree Krishna College Of Pharmacy And Research Centre, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala,  India

2. Senior Consultant, General Medicine Department, Cosmopolitan Hospital , Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India .

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33 - Biochemical and Molecular Characterization of Different Bacterial Isolates From Milk and Milk Products

Sachin Ranjan1*, Shweta Sao1,Yasha Kamil Siddiqui1, Sadhna Ojha2

1.Dept Of  biotechnology ,Dr. CV Raman University Kargi Road Kota Bilaspur

2. Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow

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34 - Interaction of Serum Proteins In Evaluating the Efficacy of Sevelamer Hydrochloride and Sevelamer Carbonate Together with Dietary Sources In Hyperphosphatemia Condition

Shlini P1*, Shivangi A. Balekundri1, Priya C. Mouli1, Sneha S1

1. Department of Chemistry (PG Biochemistry). Mount Carmel College Autonomous.  Palace Road. Bangalore - 560 052

[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]   Viewed: 560   Downloaded: 43
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