DOI: 10.21276/ajptr
Thu, 20 Jun 2019

October 2017 Issue 5

1 - New Era of Nanotechnology In Pharmaceuticals: An Overview

P. J. Vyas1*, S. S. Ghate1, P. V. Sapkale1, G. S. Patil1, T. A. Deshmukh1

1.SES, Arunamai College of Pharmacy, Mamurabad, Jalgaon.

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2 - Concept of Siman Mufrit(Obesity) in Greeco-Arab Medicine: A Review

Md Mehar Azam1*, Misbahuddin Siddiqi2, B.D Khan2

1.Ayush Medical Officer Bihar, India

2.A.K.T.C A.M.U, Aligarh

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3 - Synthesis and Antibacterial Activity of Pyrimidine Derivatives of 1,3-Dihydropyrimidine

Sebastin V1, Sarath lal P.S1,Arun Ramachandran1, Sumayya C. H1.

1. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Malik Deenar College of Pharmacy, Seethangoli, Kasaragod, Kerala.

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4 - Determination of Apremilast In Human Plasma by Using LC–ESI–MS/MS

Velamakanni Satish Ramanatham 1, 2*, Vinayender Adireddy 2 and Venkateswarlu Padala 3

1. University College of Chemistry, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kukatpally, Hyderabad–500 085, India.

2. AnaCipher Clinical Research, Ramanthapur, Hyderabad–500 013, India.

3 .Vimta Labs Limited, Cherlapally, Hyderabad–500 051, India.

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5 - An Efficient One Pot Synthesis of Biologically Active Quinoline Trifluoro Esters and DNA Studies

T. Aravinda1*, M.S. Raghu1and Srilatha Rao1

1. Department of Chemistry, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology,  Yelahanka, Bangalore-560064, India.

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6 - Study of Parenteral Antibiotics Used In Post-Operative Perforation Duodenal Ulcer In Department of Surgery

K.Suresh1*, Sudheer Kumar H1, Junior Sundresh N2

1. Department of pharmacy practice, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil nadu, India.

2.Department of surgery, Rajah Muthiah medical College & Hospital, Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India.

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7 - Formulation Optimization and Evaluations of Floating Tablet of Risperidone

Shaikh Siraj Nawaj1*, Aamir Sohel1,   G. J. Khan1, Mujahid Khan1

1.Department of Pharmaceutics, Ali-Allana College of Pharmacy Akkalkuwa, Nandurbar, Maharashtra, India

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8 - Development and Evaluation of Push Pull Based Osmotic Delivery System for Ketorlac Tromtamine

NV Deepthi1, G Usha Kiranmai 1, Shayeda1*

1.Department of pharmaceutics, University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana

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9 - A Stability Indicating RP-HPLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Salbutamol, Carbocisteine and Theophylline in Combined Tablet Dosage Forms

Sarath Nalla* and Seshagiri Rao J V L N

College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam- 530 003

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10 - Evaluation of Wound Healing Activity of Swietenia macrophylla (Meliaceae) Seed Extract in Albino Rats

Kiran Chanabasappa Nilugal*1 Santosh Fattepur 1, Mohd. Fadli Asmani1, Ibrahim Abdullah1, Santalaxme Vijendren,2 Ugandar R E3

1.School of Pharmacy, Management And Science University Shah Alam Selangor, Malaysia

2.School of Biomedicine Asia Metropolitan University, G-8, Jalan Kemacahaya, Taman Kemacahaya, Batu 9, Cheras- 43200, Selangor, Malaysia

3.Asia Pacific Higher Learning Sdn.Bhd. Petaling Jaya. Selangor Darul Ehsan. Malaysia.

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11 - Mixed hydrotropic technique as a tool to Enhance the solubility of Poorly Water Soluble Drug: Olmesartan

Himani Tewari1*, Arun Kumar Singh1, D. K. Sharma1

1. Devsthali Vidyapeeth, College of Pharmacy, Lalpur, Rudrapur- 263148, Uttarakhand, India

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12 - Evaluation of Anti-Ulcer Activity of Ficus Carica Linn Leaf

Rohtash Singh1*, Mangal Sain Hooda1, Neenalchal Trivedi2

1. Janta College of Pharmacy, Butana, Soniapat-131001(Haryana), India.

2. Teerthanker Mahaveer College of Pharmacy, TMU, Moradabad-244001 (U.P)

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13 - Hirschsprung’s Disease: A Case Report In Pediatrics

Shaik Ali Basha*1, Sathiswara B1, Siddarama R1

1. Department of Pharmacy Practice, Creative Educational Society’s College of Pharmacy, N.H. 4, Chinnatekur, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India. 518218

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14 - Fingerprint chromatogram analysis and detection of antioxidants markers in various extracts from the leaves of Hemigraphis colorata (blume) H.G. Hallier by high performance thin layer chromatography

Arivukkarasu Ramasamy*, Rajasekaran  Aiyalu , Minto Tomy, Mohamed Fazil, Mohammed  Shibily, Muhammed Asharudeen.

KMCH College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India-641048

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15 - Evaluation of Analgesic Activity of Crude Hydro-Alcoholic Extract of Acacia Senegal Pod

 Rishi Pal2, Rohtash Singh1Mangal Sain Hooda*1

1. Janta College of Pharmacy, Butana, (Sonepat), 131302. Haryana, India.

2. HIMT College of Pharmacy, Greater Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar (U.P)

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16 - Design and Development of Immediate Release Tablets Amlodipine Besylate by Employing Modified Superdisintegrants

Ramana BV*, Murthy TEG K

1. Research Scholar, Rayalaseema University, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India

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17 - Formulation and In Vitro Evaluation of Garstroretentive Floating Tablets of Clarithromycin

Swathi P1, Heera B1, Srinivas Rao Y2, Bhavani B2*

1.AU College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam

2 .Vignan Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Visakhapatnam

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18 - Formulation and Evaluation of Decitabine Loaded Niosomes

J.Gomathi 1*, P.Palanisamy1, J.Jayalakshmi1, J.Loganathan1

1.Department of Pharmaceutics, Vinayaka Mission’s College of Pharmacy, Vinayaka Missions University, Salem-636008 Tamilnadu

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19 - Development And Evaluation of Colon Specific Drug Delivery System Via pH and Microbial Triggered Mechanism for Colon Cancer

Sardar Shelake1*, Vaibhav Khade2, Pallavi Sangave1, Shitalkumar Patil1

1.Ashokrao Mane College of Pharmacy, Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Peth Vadgaon, 416112,  Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

2.KLES’s College of Pharmacy, Department of pharmaceutics, Akkol road, Nipani, Karnataka, India.

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20 - Determination of Sildenafil Citrate In Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms by Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography Method

M.Kumar*1, S.Alexandar1,  M.V.Kumudhavalli1, R.Margret Chandira1,  Palanisamy.P1

1.Vinayaka Mission’s College of Pharmacy, Vinayaka Mission’s University, Salem (D.T), Tamil Nadu (State), India.

[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]   Viewed: 536   Downloaded: 87

21 - Formulation and Evaluation of Controlled Release Matrix Tablets of Ranolazine

R.Margret Chandira1, P.Palanisamy1*, B.Jaykar1, B.S.Venkateshwarlu1

1.Department of Pharmaceutics, Vinayaka Mission’s College of Pharmacy, Vinayaka Missions University, Salem (D.T), Tamil Nadu(State), India.

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22 - Post Hemodialysis Effects In Chronic Renal Failure Patients

K.Manasa1, P.Kishore1, M. Venkata Ramana2, P. Durga1*

1. Department of  Pharmacy Practice, Care College of Pharmacy

2. Nephrologist, SVR Hospital, Hanumakonda, Warangal.

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23 - Synthesis of Highly Substituted Functionalized Piperidine Derivatives via Oximation Reaction and its Anti-Microbial Activity

Nandkishor Chandan*, Paresh Kamble

Department of Chemistry, Siddharth College of ASC, Fort Mumbai, M.S. India.

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24 - Development and Validation of Stability Indicating Assay Method For Simultaneous Estimation of Azithromycin, Fluconazole and Ornidazole In Bulk and Its Dosage Form by RP-HPLC

Arunya A*, Kavitha K Y

1. Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, PSG College of Pharmacy, Peelamedu, Tamilnadu-641004.

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25 - Preparation and Optimization of Piroxicam Loaded Eudragit S 100 Microspheres Using O/O Emulsion Solvent Evaporation Method.

Shaheda Sultana*, Kalla Madhavi, Syed Umar Farooq, D Sudheer Kumar.

1.Department of Pharmaceutics, Care College of Pharmacy

[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]   Viewed: 711   Downloaded: 90

26 - Buccal delivery of Isradipine from mucoadhesive buccal tablets

Himabindu S, Sathish Dharani,  Shayeda*

Department of Pharmaceutics, University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana, India

[ABSTRACT]    [PDF]   Viewed: 587   Downloaded: 57
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